My First Subscriber
November, 1978

The Sanders County Ledger
Thompson Falls, Montana

Having coffee with Doc Eggensperger (left),
the first publisher to subscribe to my then-new
editorial cartoon service.

Ninilchik, Alaska
Thanksgiving, 1998

Hello ...

Twenty years ago when I began my career as a smalltown cartoonist, little did I know what extraordinary adventures lay ahead.

Little did I know that I'd be cartooning from four continents for more than 1500 newspapers. Or that I'd be visiting hundreds of schools to teach kids to draw.

Or that I'd be inspiring a Nashville television special, ramroddin' America's biggest cattle drive in 100 years, joining a government trade mission to Asia, coaching a softball team along the Yukon River, breaking wild horses in New Mexico, inciting a revolution in Tasmania, or be launching from an aircraft carrier off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Whew!

It's like I've been a poster child for Helen Keller's dictum: "Life is either an exciting adventure or nothing at all."

But that's how it's gone. And I'm forever grateful for that chilly Monday morning just before Thanksgiving, 1978, when I wandered into the Ledger office in Thompson Falls, had a cup of coffee with ol' Doc Eggensperger, signed him up, and launched "Barry's Cartoons" as my life's work.

Who knows what the next twenty years will bring. But I assure you I'll be doing my best to give your readers cartoons the kind of cartoons they'll really enjoy — and you'll be proud to run.

Happy Turkey Day,



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