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November 29, 2018

Good morning …

Today, I’m attaching 3 cartoons for the weeks leading up to CHRISTMAS. These attachments concern such pre-CHRISTMAS activities as:

SHOP WHERE? ~ In this toon I'm making my annual case for Christmas shopping at local establishments. The focus here is on post-shopping states of mind as shoppers head home with their holiday purchases.

PERFECT TREE ~ No way can I ignore the traditional Christmas tree hunt — especially when the kids & family mutt are involved. BTW: I'm referring to REAL trees! Being the Christmas romantic I am, I never draw the artificial variety. Nope, although the fake ones seem to have grown more popular over the years, & more convincing, my tree toons perennially cling to the original concept.

INSANITY ~ Yep, it’s another shopping toon — this one steering the reader into the hectic consequences of Big City shopping.

You'll find these pre-CHRISTMAS cartoons, plus 14 others, in my CHRISTMAS Toon Category at:

I suggest you czech out what’s available online while picking out the pre-Christmas toons you’ll run — since there’s a huge variety of material up there to choose from.

NEXT: Toons on "CHRISTMAS the EVENT" with numerous appearances by Santa ...

:))) barry

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