Be Thankful

Where Dog?

T-Day Preparin'

Note to my editors:

November 15, 2018

Good morning …

THANKSGIVING is my most favorite holiday of the year! Right, I've said this at least three other times in 2018 RE earlier holidays. Only, this time I really mean it — & will continue to mean it till CHRISTMAS rolls around. HA!.

What I mean is: THANKSGIVING encompasses certain basics that I've sought to embody in my cartoons for decades — i.e., familiness, good cheer & local sharing.

The toons I'm attaching here include all of these basics in a wide slice of the T-Day pie:.

BE THANKFUL ~ Which, of course, focuses on the prevailing sense of gratitude at the heart of every Thanksgiving celebration..

WHERE DOG? ~ Zeroing in on the family mutt who always awaits dinner scraps. Only, in this toon, it's the rest of the family that'll have to make do with the scraps..

T-DAY PREPARING ~ Featuring a wife who has finally had it with those guests who always arrive late to the T-Day dinner festivites — or shortly thereafter. BTW: I'm attaching FARMwife, RANCHwife & HOUSEwife versions for this cartoon..

You'll find all of the above toons, plus 9 more of my T-Day offerings, online at:.

NEXT: Cartoony views on GLOBAL WARMING ....

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Truly, despite life's ongoing trials & tribs, we have sooooo very much to be grateful for ....

:))) barry.

P.S. This Thanksgiving marks the 40th Anniversary of Barry's Cartoons — hence, I'm more grateful than ever!!!.

PHOTO: Doc Eggensperger of the Sanders County [MT] Ledger & me on the day he became my first subscriber — Thanksgiving week, 1978.



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