Debt Disdain


Hard Winter

Note to my editors:

November 08, 2018

Good morning …

Today, I’m attaching 3 cartoons that deal with Pre-WINTER. Two of them are NEW to my online WINTER Category, while the third is one that's existed there since last February — though it hasn’t been attached to any of my recent emails.

BTW: This is how I expect to handle my cartoon SENDS to you next year — some fresh stuff, some plucked from my site, for a total of 3 toons per week. Three does seem like the magic number, eh? Lots of choice for you!

Today’s offerings:

DEBT DISDAIN ~ This cartoon qualifies as Pre-WINTER since many AG folks, with their harvests in, are currently in the process of deciding what new machinery they’ll "need" in the year ahead. Though, the real focus of this toon is on DEBT! — a subject which everyone everywhere can relate to, eh? HA!

I’m attaching both FARM & RANCH versions of this toon.

DRAFTS ~ A toon that illustrates one of the more annoying annual chores involved in winterizing, with a back-handed reference to the Laws of Nature. Yep, while Nature provides folks with unparalleled Autumn splendor, few can forget [or forgive?] what is guaranteed to follow — & so, amid Fall’s lingering glories, Winter preparations get underway!

HARD WINTER ~ In this toon, we get to hear what folks around town view as signs of a tough Winter ahead. Since no one really knows what Nature will bring our way during any given Winter, local speculations are as credible as the Weatherman’s guesses, eh? — or those in the Farmer’s Almanac???

You’ll find all three of these Pre-WINTER toons at the top of my WINTER Category:

NEXT: A feast of THANKSGIVING goodies.

Keep grinnin’ …

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