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Note to my editors:

November 1, 2018

Good morning …

I truly love it when I can get my cartoons to you timely enough — so that when you first open your email on some Thursday/Friday morning you'll find a few chuckles to greet you. This is, indeed, an incentive for me as I labor through my toon deadline nights.

Today, I’m attaching your VETERANS DAY toons for the year — yet another mixed bag:

RESPONSIBILITY ~ Seems I don’t hear enough these days about peace on earth, amid all the international war-like one-ups-man-ship — hence, this reminder of peace. Once again, a truth out of the mouth of a babe.

VET REUNION ~ Talk about pure fun, eh??? Maybe only War Vets who’ve experienced faraway military deployments will fully appreciate the humor in it — but, really, I think not.

Most men, ex-military types or not, surely have their own experiences RE the attraction that the female species offers. Men will be men. HA!

HARM’S WAY ~ From fun to pathos — this toon focuses on the above & beyond sacrifices medical personnel have always offered on the field of battle, whenever the call of "Medic!!!" or "Corpsman!!!" has sounded out.

You’ll find these toons & 12 others of their caliber in my new online VETERANS DAY Category at:

NEXT: Something for the whole FAMILY.

Keep grinnin’ …

:))) barry



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