35 MPH

Jail Budget

One Donut

Note to my editors:

October 25, 2018

Good morning …

Today I attaching 3 cartoons on LAW & ORDER, as seen from very different angles. For sure, it’s a serious topic — but, hopefully, your 'toonist has managed to find some chuckles in it.

1) 35 MPH ~ This toon takes a poke at BIG CITY crime — which, I’m thinking, reflects how many small town folks view their own excursions to the urban wonderlands. Though, really, the only wonder in them is that some locals persist in returning to the scene of so much criminal activity!

BTW: This cartoon can also be seen as what once was called a "Shop At Home" toon.

2) JAIL BUDGET ~ In spite of the title, & the artwork that plays off it, this toon actually relates to broad span of local law enforcement issues, not just jail inadequacies. Same for the budget cuts that often handcuff effective police procedures.

3) ONE DONUT ~ There is nothing socially redeemable in this cartoon — except, maybe, it might help to humanize law enforcement a bit. Other than this possibility, it’s just pure fun.

You’ll find all 3 of these toons, plus 13 others on the subject, in my new LAW & ORDER Toon Category at:

Have a swell weekend, guys …

:))) barry



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