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October 18, 2018

Good morning …

Here are your HALLOWEEN cartoons for 2018.

Gotta admit, I’m feeling kinda sheepish when I say [RE yet another holiday???] that HALLOWEEN is my very favorite holiday to draw — i.e., until THANKSGIVING rolls around. HA!

OMG, then comes CHRISTMAS?!!!

The cartoons I’ve attached here include:

GUTLESS ~ This particular toon not only captures the HALLOWEEN spirit, but also the fears All Hallows Eve engenders in the minds of young folks. Don’t know about you — but, in my childhood Trick o' Treatin’ daze, there was one creepy house in our neighborhood that we all agreed was inhabited by a wicked witch. It was the only place we always avoided on our annual rounds. HA!

DONATIONS ~ This one points to the emerging trend of charities taking part in otherwise non-charitable events — in an effort to shore up their flagging revenues. Can’t blame 'em, really. But, hey — as the cartoon points out, HALLOWEEN is all about sugar, not altruism!

COSTUME ~ This Classic dates back to 2013. Though, as recent as that was, it does indeed offer a swell mix of HALLOWEEN & LOCAL GOVT., one worthy of a rerun. And one that only applies this time of year — either before, during or just after HALLOWEEN week.

I’m attaching two versions of this toon — one for MALE mayors, one for the FEMALES.

You’ll find these toons & 9 HALLOWEEN others on my Category Site at:

NEXT: I’m figuring on LAW & ORDER stuff — but, who knows, eh? HA!

Have a swell weekend, guys …

:))) barry



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