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Note to my editors:

October 12, 2018

Good morning …

The three cartoons I’m attaching here deal with the MEDIA, most of them focusing on small town newspapering.

You’ll note that a couple of these toons [plus others in the MEDIA Category] feature computer hardware that is several generations behind that in wide use today.

There are reasons for this, e.g.: The older models have more character — hence, are more fun to draw [the one I mostly employ is a Mac 7200, a real Classic!].

Plus, the weekly newspaper I use to represent all weeklies in my toons is on a very tight budget — & Frank Lineage, the editor/publisher, absolutely refuses to upgrade as long as his old machines are still alive & kickin’. Yep, if nothing else, the old Macs had longetivity going for them, eh?

The attached toons include:

MISQUOTE ~ This one pokes fun at how sensitive politicos can be RE whenever they’re quoted — especially when they're quoted accurately. HA!

WHOLE STORY ~ I reckon some might call this cartoon "in-house humor” [aka, blatantly self-promotional] for an editorial toon. But, it does do a public service in pointing out to readers how the mass media will never replace the reporting local weeklies provide.

ANONYMOUS ~ So who of you hasn’t received an unsigned Letter-to-the-Editor, eh? Ya know, one that blasts others for their lack of accountability. Hopefully, this toon will point a finger at the culprits. Hopefully, too, the guilty parties will wake up to their blatant hypocrisies & mend their ways. But, don’t bet the rent on it. HA!

You’ll find these cartoons & 12 others that are MEDIA-driven in my new MEDIA Category at:

Have a swell weekend, guys …

:))) barry



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