New Prescription

Facebook 911

Note to my editors:

October 1, 2018

Good morning …

I’m sending you this week’s cartoons a few days ahead of my usual Thursday/Friday cartoon deadline.

Yep, seems I require the rest of this week to deal with some bizness issues I’ve put off for waaaay too long [do I hear my taxes???] — with me being the one-man band I truly am!

The toons attached here are destined for my new AT HOME Category:

1) COOKIN’ ~ This is the sort of toon that assures me I’m still in touch with major family feeding realities. Like, what family dishwashers, who've experienced a big family feed, won’t identify with it, eh?

2) NEW PRESCRIPTION ~ Okay, I’m reverting to stereotypes again in this toon — but, don’t many guys out there still try to dodge most housekeeping chores? And don’t many of the women in their lives still take up the slack???

3) FACEBOOK 911 ~ Yep, it’s a funny poke at some folks who have sold their souls to social media. Clearly, his toon speaks for itself — in Facebook volumes!!!

You’ll find these 3 toons, plus 15 [FIFTEEN!] others of their persuasion, in my new AT HOME Category at:

I’ll be back a week from this Thursday/Friday with new toons for you.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful, albeit adventuresome, week ahead. We can always wish, eh? HA!

:))) barry



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