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Note to my editors:

September 21, 2018

Hey there …

Though technically it’s now the wee hours of September 22, I’m still counting it as yesterday — ya know, part of my verrrrry long Friday!

After sending you so many versions of my earlier MAYOR/MANAGER cartoon [which I’m hoping you were able to wade through successfully to find the version that best suits your local needs], this time I’m keeping things totally simple — a POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS toon with only ONE version to deal with.

It’s what I refer to as a "Classic" — meaning, a rerun from a decade or so ago. What’s more, it’s already uploaded to my NEW Site at:
BTW: I’ve posted this toon on the TOP row/LEFT side of the POLITICS Category.

And so it’ll go next year when I offer you a mix of toons weekly — some that will be NEW to my online Categories, plus a timely Classic or two that I’ve uploaded earlier on, but haven’t send out as an attachment.

Okay. One more cartoon to follow the POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS toon attached here — & my "verrrry long Friday" will be history. HA!

:))) barry



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