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Note to my editors:

September 14, 2018

Good morning …

The AUTUMN cartoons I’m sending you today are a real mixed bag, each of them having fun with issues that seem totally unrelated — except they’re all traditionally Fallish. Also, since I may not revisit AUTUMN for awhile, I’m including toons here [& on my website] that feature various stages of Fall, from early to late.

1) "LAWN CHAIRS" ~ Nothing is more traditional in Fall than the winterizing routine, as this toon depicts. Don’t know when folks will begin they’re winterizing in your neck of the woods, but it’s already begun here in the north country — with folks getting their winter firewood in & topping off their propane tanks, etc, etc.

2) "NAT’L RESOURCE" ~ In some parts, as sure as the sun rises, the Autumn winds will blow. If you’re in windless country, this cartoon may not be relevant. But, for those of you in the windy reaches, the toon definitely will speak to your readers.

3) “TV FERTILIZER” ~ I don’t have a TV — so, when I visit my friends hereabouts who have their TVs turned on 24/7, I’m amazed by the number of campaign ads, in this election year, that folks are required to endure just to watch their favorite TV entertainment shows. Hence, this silly toon.

Later today, I’ll be posting the toons above, plus 9 more AUTUMN toons covering numerous Fall issues, in my new online AUTUMN Category at:

I’ll send you a heads-up once they are all uploaded.

NEXT? A very good question. HA!

:))) barry



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