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Hurricane Alley

Note to my editors:

September 10, 2018

Good morning …

This is a CARTOON SPECIAL, in that the attached toons may not work for many of you — but, for those you about feel the impact of HURRICANE FLORENCE [currently Category Four & rising], either firsthand or via the mass media, these cartoons might be very relevant.

Hence, I’m sending them to everyone. I’ll leave it to you guys to determine their local relevance!

That said — both of these cartoons are fairly recent ones, & you may have already run them. Then again, they might not yet have seen the light of your papers' pages. Then again, even again, if the toons are spot on thereabouts, it won’t really matter if they run a second time, eh? HA!

Cartoon #1: “911” — attaching four different versions, which include references to the CAROLINA, GEORGIA, TEXAS, & the U.S. SOUTHERN coastlines.

Cartoon #2: “HURRICANE ALLEY” — attaching two versions of this toon, one WEST for those along the southeast coast, & one NORTH for you Gulf Coasters.

I’ll be uploading all of these versions later today in a new online HURRICANE Category at:

Meanwhile, back to my first AUTUMN cartoons, which I expect to have to you on Thursday — Friday at the latest.

Hunker down, folks, a BIG BLOW is a'comin’ …

:))) barry



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