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August 30, 2018

Good morning …

Today I’m attaching 3 FOOTBALL cartoons for you to pick from, each of them focusing on a different aspect of our beloved small town sport — with all of it’s swell photo opportunities!

#1 ~ "FOR EVERYONE" presents a variety of views on a local FOOTBALL star. Yep, while most towns share many similar characteristics, they also embody a whole bunch of differing perspectives, eh? — like, one per resident??? HA!

#2 ~ "CAN’T RELAX" pays tribute to those excited [albeit anxious!] FOOTBALL moms who frequent every home game — God love ‘em!

#3 ~ "THE PIT BULL" concerns how every year local teams take on a "new look." Surely, there’s a player on your hometown roster who’s earned a rep for intimidating opponents [no matter if he’s a new kid in town or not]. And so it goes with the transplanted #44 in this toon.

You’ll find these FOOTBALL cartoons & 14 [FOURTEEN!!!] more online in my new FOOTBALL Category at:

Go ahead — czech 'em all out. You just may find one that suits you better than those I’m attaching here.

NEXT? A preview of AUTUMN fun …

Happy Labor/Labour Day, folks!

:))) barry



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