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August 9, 2018

Okay, guys ...

Here’s another cartoon dealing with political CAMPAIGNING, which seems timely enough. I reckon the toon says it all for itself, so I really don’t have anything to add.

You’ll find it in my online POLITICS Category at:

Thanx to all of you who have written RE my "vent" about a certain money-grubbing software corporation, empathizing with me and/or sharing your own gruesome experiences — as Stephanie from the Salem [IN] Leader does below:

The last time we upgraded, a major tornado that killed 5 people swept through our county on the very day the change was being made.

We ended up producing an “Extra” edition and I operated in a hybrid format, using both systems for about a week. It was the worst nightmare of my life.


Thanx for this, Stephanie — it removes the last vestige of my self-pity!


It’s true, I definitely was lapsing into some form of self-pity given the downer of the past two weeks. Talk about downers!!!

First my computer & vital graphics software went down; then, two days later, I had to put down my dear old dog; then, a couple of days after that, my truck broke down — stranding me miles from nowhere at midnight.

How’s that for starters, eh???

So, yep. I was ready to do whatever it took to get me cartooning again. I mean, keeping the toons flowing out of here has always been my top priority. And, oh how I appreciated the kindly help offered by the real human beings on the money grubbers’ tech support team!

Enough of this — I have cartoons to draw. Upward & onward!

Have a swell weekend!

:))) barry



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