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Note to my editors:

July 28, 2018

G'day ...

I'm sending you three FAIR cartoons today — each covering a different angle on the activities surrounding the big yearly event.

These FAIR toons include:

1) "MAKE SNAPPY" ~ Livestock prepping.

2) "TASTE BUDS" ~ Baking Contest.

3) "FERRISWHEEL" ~ Kid fun (sorta???).

I'm attaching all three of today's toons to this one email, since it may be a while yet before your local FAIR rolls around — & I figure it's best to keep all three of the toons together.

In addition to these, I've added 9 more zany FAIR toons to my new FAIR TIME Category online at: — covering everything from FUTURE FARMER projects to thrilling FAIR rides to PORK BELLY dancers.

Pleeeez note:

Gotta say, it's been a very weird week here! I was awake & working most of the night on Monday — & so, did indeed notice the earthquake that hit hereabouts at 2 AM. Nothing significant, just a brief shudder. Then, there was a second tumbler at 4 AM, but I napped thru it.

Both of them were minor, yet the epicenter of each was only 15 or so miles away — which makes even little shakers too close for comfort, eh? HA!

By 6 AM, I finished with the cartoons & posted them on my NEW Site. That's when we were zapped by a power surge — one that crashed my iMac! Yep, my ol' reliable computer suddenly bit the dust. Honest, guys, I had surge protection. Though to no avail!

Anyhow. I've been trying since early Tuesday to get my computer repaired — or, at least, let you know you could download the FAIR toons from the site. Trouble was, my contact list went down along with my crashing iMac. ARRRRGH!!!

The good gnus being: Yesterday PM I retrieved my iMac from the Simply Mac store in Bozo MT, with everything returned to its before-weirdness status — except for a seemingly endless string of adjustments I must make to the Preferences et al before things are back to normal here [define my normal?].

Funny. I began this week three days ahead of schedule &, as of today, I'm four days behind — all of this in a matter of six days??? Like I always say, life is weirder than any of my toon ideas. HA!

NEXT: At this point, still suffering from my PTWSD [the "W" standing for "weirdness"], who th' heck knows?!!! Especially since I still don't have my precious Photoshop application running as per its usual ...

Here's hoping you've had a week sans weird interludes. Though, given you're in the weekly news biz, my hope may be groundless. HA!

:))) barry



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