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Note to my editors:

June 24, 2018

Good Monday morning ...

Nope, I'm not back from vacation — not, hardly. It's only begun.

But, I sense a weather emergency developing out there in some areas that requires my toony addressing. Hence, I'm breaking away from my "break" & attaching a HEATWAVE toon here for you — ya know, in case your backyard is one of those about to be afflicted by extremely high temps!

Last Friday, when I announced to y'all that I was going on vacation — & then set aside the HEATWAVE cartoons I was working on — I knew, with a certainty that's grown out my 40 years of experience in the 'toonin' game, that a major heatwave would be in the offing for some of you.

A classic example of cause & effect, eh? Yep, stranger things have happened to your cartoonist. HA!

And now the weather guy assures me that my "certainty" was not misplaced — least of all, RE the southern High Plains & Texas.

The toon I'm attaching now is a fairly recent one, but should do the job until I return from my vacation — when I'll send new HEATWAVE toons to you. I'll be back from vacation on the 9th of July.

Enjoy your summer, folks, heatwave or no! We only get so many of both ...

:))) barry



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