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Note to my editors:

May 28, 2018

Good morning ...

Seems the OUTA TOWN cartoons & Category I have underway are requiring more time than I expected. Hence, I'm attaching a Classic toon here that's pretty generic, oughta run anywhere — i.e., if the politics of your trade area can handle it!

Right, it's one of my rare attempts at purely political fun-poking. The idea to send it came from an encounter I had on Sunday with a huge rattlesnake — a 6-footer at least! — while driving back from the hills after a hike with my pups.

The truly memorable part being: Once I'd run over it twice, figuring to eliminate it as a threat to local folks & critters, the rattler flat out disappeared — leaving no trace of squished snake on the road!

Of course, I looked under my pick-up to see if it was hung up there. But, not a sign of it. Oh well, another unsolved mystery that'll haunt me now & then forever.

Yep, given this snake encounter my thoughts naturally drifted to my one & only RATTLESNAKE cartoon. If nothing else, the toon certainly does speak to the widely acknowledged polarization in our society.

Later today, I'll be adding it to my POLITICS Category at:

Have a swell week — & look out for the RATTLERSNAKES of this world. HA!

:))) barry



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