Can't Cuss

Note to my editors:

April 29, 2018

Okay, guys ...

Given that the preceding cartoon was an upper — here's one to balance the "upping" out a bit.

It includes a wide range of gripes prevalent in all small towns. My thinking being: Every reader will find something in it they can identify with as a personal complaint. And you know how I like to keep things personal, eh? HA!

For sure, I doubt any of your readers will go so far as to carry their personal pick of the toon's gripes to a psychotherapist, as the guy in the toon has done — still, I couldn't resist the "Anger Management" scenario.

You'll find both of today's toons, plus 16 others I've just uploaded, in my AROUND TOWN Toon Category at:

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NEXT: I'm just getting started on something for MOTHER'S DAY — one of my very favorite holidays! Expect to send it your way on Thursday.

Hope the weather is pleasant there, with sunny skies & gentle, refreshing breezes. Unfortunately, that's not the forecast for here today. HA!

:))) barry



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