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Note to my editors:

April 29, 2018

Good morning ...

I consider this cartoon a genuine upper — that is, intent on uplifting the community spirit of all those small town folks who see it.

It's also [potentially] interactive. Meaning, it can interact between you & me. I'm supplying the artwork — & it's up to you to customize it to suit your local circumstances.

Whereas in the past I wouldn't have hesitated to expend the hours required to insert the names of each of your towns on the toon's "Welcome" sign — I couldn't manage it this time, given my ongoing online Toon Category efforts.

BUT!!! Pleeeez feel free to insert your town's name [and/or county] into said sign. I've designed the sign with this in mind — reasonably level & flat.

Seems ARIAL, HELVETICA or VERDANA fonts BOLD 16 to 18 pt. will probably do the trick, especially if you apply some Photoshopping to SHRINK, STRETCH or THICKEN it to fit.

BTW: I'm attaching two versions. In the first one [my preference], the bus driver refers to "WATCHES" — which, as we all know, is a reference totally alien to most younger folks out there. HA!

"What's a watch, Daddy?" Hence the MANNERS version. As per my usual — pick yer poison, guys.

You'll find this toon, plus 17 other newly posted additions to my Toon Categories at:

A second AROUND TOWN toon will follow shortly.

Indeed, it's another Monday — & I pray for your deliverance until the next TGIF. HA!

:))) barry



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