This Dry

Note to my editors:

April 20, 2018

Okay, guys ...

While I'm at it — here's a second DROUGHT cartoon. This one not only features a decided lack of moisture, but it's featured from a tourista POV. And we all know the mixed blessings of tourism, eh? HA!

Sometimes, in this daze of manic Category building, I daydream about a year from now — when none of you will have topics to request, since they'll all answered onboard my NEW Site in their appropriate categories.

Only, a large part of me duly confesses that I will miss the covering of your needs personally. But then — what help will I be from a white-sand beach on some South Pacific atoll while eyeing hula girls, eh? HA!

I wish it were so. Truth being, I have another two or three years of cartoon uploading ahead of me before I can rest under those distant, swaying palms. Besides — I'm now living in my best of possible worlds.

Back to reality. Hope this toon works for you. A "LAKE" version will appear in the DROUGHT Category ASAP.

Keep grinnin' — it's our last best hope!

:))) barry



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