Note to my editors:

April 12, 2018

Good morning ...

Sending you two YARDSALE cartoons today. As you may have noticed, you're getting two toons weekly these days from me RE each subject, plus a link to numerous other toons I've uploaded on said subject to my Toon Categories.

This is how it will go from me until all of my Toon Categories are posted — which may take another 9 months or so. Who really knows how long??? Since I seem to be adding new Categories daily. HA!

When I'm done with this particular phase of what I perceive as the final "product" [this phase being Phase One], I'll shift gears into Phase Two. Meaning, once all the foreseeable Categories are uploaded, I'll begin adding to them from my decades of toon material — eventually ending up with 1200 to 1500 toons for you to pick from.

And this meaning — long after this cartoonist has passed unto the Great Cartoon Studio in the Sky, you'll never run short of timely toons for my loyal readership there.

That said: Both cartoons I'm attaching today [under separate cover] feature the local passions engendered by YARDSALES. My personal experience over the eons has revealed a thriving passion among small town folks for the weekend YARDSALE ritual.

Right. There now are YARDSALES online — but, sitting on one's backside at home doing digital searches will NEVER displace the passions I've witnessed in small towns for the original. Make that, "for the real!"

This first offering is family-oriented — featuring a Mom reassuring those most dear to her that she will, indeed, survive yet another series of YARDSALES. Amen!

The second toon will follow shortly.

:))) barry



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