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April 9, 2018

Me again ...

Attaching two versions of this second SCHOOLS cartoon that features a BUDGET solution. The only difference between the two toons is in the McDonald's sign on the school bus — like, do you want to go with "Billions Fattened" or "Billions Satisfied"? Pick yer poison!

Seems to me that BUDGET considerations oughta be a timely issue in most school districts about now — as if they aren't all year long, eh?!!!

I'm remembering how, when I last taught English in public school [1975], we all thought the screws were really being tightened on us. Silly us, how could we know it had only begun.

Regardless, I hardly expect to see real busses decked out like the one in this cartoon — though, to quote the mouse: "It works for NASCAR!" Who can say? Maybe this toon will get your local school board thinking. HA!

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NEXT? Good question. Have a swell week!

:))) barry

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