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Note to my editors:

April 9, 2018

Good morning ...

Just posted the SCHOOLS Category on my NEW Site, & I'm attaching one of the uploaded cartoons here — to be followed shortly by a second.

This toon is, granted, a bit of a promo piece to celebrate the result of your local weekly efforts. But, it's set in a classroom during "Show & Tell" — & thereby is legit for the SCHOOLS Category.

BTW: Should anyone out there take issue with my use of a classic chalkboard in a world given more & more to "white boards" — pleeeez remind them that stereotypes are highly valued implements in every cartoonist's toolbox. Besides, artistically, a white board wouldn't work very well in this toon. HA!

You'll find the SCHOOLS Category at:

Yep, I now have 18 Toon Categories online, with a mere 40 to 60 more to go. That's all???

This means somewhere around 25% of the job is already done! Make that, "sorta" done — since, once all the Categories are in place, I'll still have to add at least an equal number of toons to each.

With a little luck, I should have the whole enterprise whipped in another 18 months or so. Then, the real fun will begin!

Now, to prepare the #2 SCHOOLS cartoon for sending to you.

:))) barry



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