10-Inch Rain

Note to my editors:

March 19, 2018

Good morning ...

So — how DRY is it there???

Which is what I had to wonder when I received a funny response from Patsy at the Wickenburg [AZ] Sun to my MUD cartoon. She wrote: "Sorry, Barry, I just can’t resist writing back to you. Oh how we wish we had a mud problem here!"

Well, I dug a DROUGHT toon out of my Archive for her [one I figure to add to my online SUMMER Category in June]. Now I'm attaching it here for you — ya know, in case you also wanted to write me a funny reply but were too short of time to do so.

Or, if you're somewhere where DROUGHT seems a worry every Summer [like Eastern Montana], you may want to file it away now.

BTW: I did have to fess up to Patsy — this really isn't a DROUGHT cartoon. After all, the local guy in the toon admits to "some" rain. HA!

Honest, folks, I'm getting the cartoon Categories built & posted ASAP — only, there's a bunch of them!!!

:))) barry



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