Mud Patience

Note to my editors:

March 19, 2018

Good morning ...

Well, no sooner had I sent out that "WHEN WILL SPRING ARRIVE?" cartoon to you late yesterday, than a Whitehall neighbor, Misty, fired back RE her take on the toon.

Quoth Misty: "Spring sprang! I have gobs of mud here!"

Could this be one of those deals like, when you want it to rain, you wash your car? I'm sure hoping so. Just maybe, Winter will desert these parts now that I've committed myself to a toon slamming it's persistence!

Anyhow, as back-up to the earlier cartoon, I'm attaching one here about MUD for you — for you & Misty. It should run swell in any locale where spring rains & dirt are present.

There are two versions of this MUD toon — one with a caption about "EARLY SPRING" mud & one without it [for Summer mud?].

I'll have another Spring toon to you later this week. By the time you receive it, I'll also have the SPRING Category posted on my NEW Site, & you'll have scads of Spring stuff to pick from.

And then — I'll try for a real Spring Break. HA!

Keep warm & dry & mud-free, guys ...

:))) barry



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