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March 2, 2018

Good Morning ...

Turns out, this week's two cartoon offerings are all about TECHNOLOGY.

The toon attached here is a "throwback" of sorts — not in respect RE the sentiment J.P.DOODLES expresses via his body language [which is still active today in many folks], but in the hardware that I've employed within the toon.

While the rest of the TECHNOLOGY toons I'm adding to my NEW Site today are pretty current in their use of digital hardware, this toon recalls a time when phone receivers had "character" — as did computers & TVs. Ya know, before everything became flat-screened, squared-off, & verrrrrry boring. HA!

But, no worries — in case the harkening back to an irrecoverable past, hardware-wise, isn't your cup of tea, I've brewed up another toon that will probably suit you. Hence, #2 TECHNOLOGY toon which you'll receive shortly.

You'll find both of these cartoons in the TECHNOLOGY Category on my NEW Site at:

BTW: I've also added 10 more TECH toons to this category for you to pick from — most of them dealing with smart phones & computers, with some social media tossed in.

Happy TGIF, guys ...

:))) barry



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