12/13/18 Cartoons ~ GLOBAL WARMING

Hair Dryer
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Arthritis Relief
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Eskimo Ice
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Good morning …

Today’s cartoons offer three views on GLOBAL WARMING.

For sure, there are many ways in which your 'toonist can approach GLOBAL WARMING. Hopefully, the three approaches I’m presenting here provide a comical overview of how the warming trend may be impacting your locals' lives as the GW threat steadily evolves.

HAIRDRYER ~ This cartoon hits home, llterally, in that it reveals how some members of our newest generation are hellbent on heading off GLOBAL WARMING at the pass — to the point that they'll assign the blame for it on their own parents! However, in this toon Mom denies her kid's suspect theories.

ARTHRITIS RELIEF ~ If it’s true that there's both good & bad in everything, here’s a cartoon which serves to illustrate this truth as it relates to GLOBAL WARMING. "One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor" also will cover it, eh? HA!

ESKIMO ICE ~ Though most of us in the more southernly regions of North America sense the climate changing around us, it’s the natives in the far north who have to live with its de-housing effects — & only imported ice may save things for them!!! Hence, this toon.

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NEXT? For 2018, there is NO next!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Climate Change, all! See ya on the other side ...

:))) barry


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