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Basic List
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Problem Here
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Green Hay
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Good morning …

Today I'm attaching CHRISTMAS cartoons that concern what happens immediately before & during the holiday. Of course, Santa figures in BIG time — in fact, he plays the starring role in all 3 of my toon offerings today:

PROBLEM HERE ~ Talk about cartoon stereotypes — how about Santa coming down ye olde chimney??? Only, in this particular instance, he's decending slightly inverted. Thankfully, the family's trusty dog reports Santa's plight. How much fun for me to draw both Santa & a helpful mutt!!!

BASIC LIST ~ Seems these days kids expect umpteen presents on Christmas — whereas, in my childhood, we only received just one gift from Santa per annum. Though it's arguable whether the "umpteen" concept or the "one" is more appreciated, the girl in this toon is NOT shy about asking Santa for everything under her expectant sun.

GREEN HAY ~ A Classic favorite of mine, since it brings together Santa's need for reindeer power & the lackluster forethought of his elves. I reckon that any of your locals who have had to depend on others to achieve one task or another know all too well Santa's plight as depicted in this toon. HA!

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NEXT? Toons for NEW YEARS — of course ...

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