04/25/19 Cartoon

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Good morning …

I really goofed — i.e., when I wrote you two days ago that, occasionally, I might be sending cartoons to you on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Bad idea! The last thing you need during your most crowded hours is for your cartoonist to interrupt with his latest stuff.

For sure, I can find all the "variety" my toonin’ process requires in the other five days. Though, I’ll still try sending out my toons individually, as soon as possible after I’ve finished with them — Tuesdays & Wednesdays excepted!

AGREE ~ I picked this cartoon to send today because I doubt there are many small towns where local officials usually agree on the issues put before them — & it does seem to be an ongoing scenario. Hence, I figure this toon will apply in most of your locales, much of the time!

:))) barry


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