04/23/19 Cartoon

Cop Burnout
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Good evening …

Right! I’m sending you this cartoon on a TUESDAY PM, not on my usual Thursday or Friday AM. What gives??? Yep, I’m making another course correction in my cartoon delivery process, figuring it will improve my service to you.

It occurred to me last night that a certain degree of variety is vital to my LONGEVITY as a cartoonist — & nothing smacks head-on into my sense of variety more than repetitive behavior patterns.

Hence, after 40+ years of attempting to get my cartoons to you ONLY when you’re BEYOND the stressful throes of meeting your weekly deadlines, I’ve decided to send them out as soon as they’re finished, one at a time, twice a week.

COP BURNOUT ~ This FISHING cartoon is dedicated to the fishermen among your local constabulary. It’s what I call "dream stuff." Not likely to happen — but, oh, how it might trigger swell visions in the minds of peace officers who need a break from their arduous realities!

:))) barry


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