04/18/19 Cartoons

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Good morning ...

Neither of the two cartoons I’m attaching below include the new FLOODING toon I’ve been working on for the past few days — ya know, the one I promised you a while back. It will follow later today (or tomorrow morning???).

Instead, I'm now sending a couple of cartoons I picked for their Springy timeliness — where Spring has fully revealed itself at long last!

1) SKUNKS ~ The thought of Spring finally arriving hereabouts is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. And if that doesn't do it, those flattened black & white critters on the road certainly will — as this Classic toon illustrates so well!

Bored of Ed
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2) BORED OF ED ~ By this time, most School Boards across North America are wrapping up the budgeting process — having pretty much sorted out which programs will continue, which will be added & which will be eliminated. In this cartoon, the focus is on the latter. Ain't budget cuttin’ fun?!!

:))) barry


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