03/21/19 Cartoons

Feel Dumb
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How's Road?
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Good morning ...

Both of today’s cartoons may be a bit ahead of the curve in your parts, or they may appear very timely. Once more, I’m leaving it to you sort out what constitutes "timely" thereabouts.

TAXES ~ I hadn’t figured on sending you this cartoon for another week. Then, last Sunday as I witnessed my daughter-in-law working hard on her family's TAX RETURN, I realized that the toon really can’t run any too soon — since it takes a forward-looking view on the annual tax chores. Truth is, for some folks it could've just as easily run in January or February!!!

2) SPRING MUD ~ If the MUD hasn’t arrived yet on your backroads or in rural drives, no worries — it’s coming! Actually, I empathize with folks who only drive on tidy streets in town or MUD-free Interstates, or whose driveways are perfectly paved. They have no idea of the fun they’re missing. HA!

Keep th’ Spring winds at yer back & th’ Spring sun on yer kisser …

:))) barry


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