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Ready for Spring?
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Special Interest
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Good morning ...

Good morning … Welcome to SPRING (almost!). How refreshing the thought is, eh? I’ve chosen to send the following cartoons today because they have a decidedly Springish touch to them, due in both cases to the characters’ respective manners of dress.

The first toon, in the many outdoors options the guy's clothes make available to him — the second, in the sleeveless way I’ve dressed the gal who’s speaking.

Here ya go, this week’s cartoons for your consideration:

1) SPRING ~ Although SPRINGTIME reputedly comes in as lamb, after the lion of winter has left town, don’t bet on it this year! Clearly, the character pictured in the toon below has no false hopes RE the new season — he’s ready for whatever shows up. For sure, it's always best to hope for a lamb & prepare for the lamentable, eh?

2) LOCAL GOVT. ~ Not that you have SPECIAL INTEREST groups attending your local government meetings. But, if you do, this cartoon just may hit 'em where it hurts — preferably, in their funny bones!

As for the issue alluded to in this toon, the DOG PROBLEM, Spring does have a way of bringing it into view. As for the SPECIAL INTEREST group featured? What’s there to say, except I hope I’ve included enough breeds to incite most pooch lovers thereabouts to empathize with their canine cause!

That’s all, folks! Keep th’ wind at yer back & th’ Spring sun on yer kisser …

:))) barry


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