03/07/19 Cartoons

Mirror Green
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Gets Bigger
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Good morning ...

Gratefully, no winter stuff in today’s batch of cartoons — though I have every reason to add a toon or two RE the cold & snowy season. Seems earlier this week, as I was readying these toons for you, it got down to 26-below.

Not only that, five of my fingers are still healing from “frost nip" (precursor to frostbite), self-inflicted while crawling on my hands & knees for 100 yards through 2-foot of fresh snow to the house, after burying my truck in a driveway ditch!

But, NO!!! No more winter cartoons till very late this year.

Pleeeez BE ADVISED: You’ll find just two cartoons below, not the three I’ve been attaching lately. As much as I’d prefer to send you three in order to enhance your weekly options, it’s clear that I won’t be to sustain that many per week over the long haul.

But then — you have almost 800 toons always available to you in my online Toon Categories.

:))) barry


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