02/28/19 Cartoons

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Smoke Alarm
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Good morning ...

Here’s another mix of cartoon subjects for you — a timely one, I hope! Coming up with relevant toons when the seasons are transitioning is always a big challenge for me, given the breadth & depth of my small town circulation arena.

Obviously, the timing of seasonal shifts is hardly the same in Fayette, Alabama, & Valdez, Alaska, eh? Yep, in the Deep South, folks are readying to haul in catfish — while, in the Far North, the Yukon River won’t break up till May!

Sorting out material that will apply in such disparate locales during fluctuating seasons has always been a fly in my buttermilk of toon-choosing. As I’ve always said:”Drawing is the easy part — it's deciding what to draw that's really hard!”

Though, gotta admit, this isn’t the headache it once was before I built my online Toon Categories with all 800 options available to you 24/7.

And so, having completed both the easy & hard parts on this set of toons, here they are:

1) WARMTH ~ Two weeks ago I thought I’d sent out my last winter cartoon for the year. Then, outa the blue, the current onslaught of severe wintry weather hit much of North America. Hence, one more winter toon. Clearly, my expectation of winter being on its way out was wish-fulfillment stuff — unfulfilled. Or so I learned to my chagrin yesterday when I stuck my pick-up in a driveway ditch with 2-foot of fresh white stuff!

I’m going place this toon in both WINTER & GLOBAL WARMING categories (new toons top left).

2) BEDROCK ~ Recently, I sent you a cartoon RE a common in-town infrastructure issue (namely, POTHOLES). Today's cartoon deals with something similar — only the outa-town variety. Honest, I’m not suggesting that your local highways aren't being maintained as well as they could be. Still, in the event there are problems with the roads thereabouts — help yourselves to this toon!

3) SMOKE ALARM ~ This toon is designed to cover dual purposes: As usual, I expect it to elicit chuckles from your readers — but, hopefully, it’ll also act as a Public Service Announcement for folks who haven’t taken time lately to check the batteries in their smoke alarms. Come to think of it, I’d better check mine. HA!

:))) barry


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