02/21/19 Cartoons

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Fat Free
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Good morning ...

It’s another mix of timely cartoons for you today — timely, I hope! Coming up with relevant toons when the seasons are transitioning is always a big challenge for me, given the outrageous breadth & depth of my circulation area.

Obviously, the timing of seasonal shifts is hardly the same in Fayette, Alabama, & Valdez, Alaska!!! In the Deep South, folks are readying to haul in catfish, while, in the Far North, the Yukon River won’t break up till May.

Yet, sorting out material that will apply in such disparate locales during such fluxuating times is what my job is all about. As I’ve always said: ”The drawing is the easy part — it's deciding what to draw that's really hard." HA!

And so, having completed both the easy & hard parts, here are this week’s offerings:

1) GUSTS ~ Right! Enough with ice & snow toons for one winter — time for WIND! As luck would have it, wind is a pretty all-seasonal phenomenon across the small town board. Sooner or later this toon oughta work for you, whether you’re dealing with the Santa Annas in Chino & Yucca Valley California or the tornados in Marion, Kansas, & Ogallala, Nebraska (do I hear West Texas?). My envy extends to the blessed among you who are fortunate enough to publish where wind is NOT an ongoing factor.

2) FAT FREE ~ So, is there a trade area in North America where dieting isn’t an issue? Tell me, & I’ll move there! I love the idea of folks bamboozling themselves by abiding by low-cal Peter, but topping it off with a helping of high-cal Paul. So it goes at the local koffee klatch guy featured in this toon.

3) RULEBOOK ~ Seems I’m a bit overdue in offering you a cartoon about bureaucrats. Experience has taught me that most readers can’t get enough of my bureaucrat-inspired buffoonery — since they often feel like mushrooms: That is, kept in the dark by government machinations & only fed unhelpful B.S. Hopefully, this cartoon will shed a little light on the process.

:))) barry


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