01/31/19 Cartoons

Speed Bumps
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Good morning ...

The keyword for this set of cartoons is EXAGGERATION. But then, when I exaggerate I'm simply applying one of the most effective tools in my 'toonist toolbox.

1) SPEED BUMPS ~ Talk about exaggeration: Rarely if ever do vehicles in real life suffer the POTHOLE pounding the truck in this toon is experiencing — it only feels that way!!! If your neighborhood is free of the pothole curse, you can skip this cartoon. But, somehow I doubt you know this freedom — especially these days, when the bucks for all varieties of infrastructure fixes are so very hard to come by.

2) DETRIMENT ~ Yep, another "AROUND TOWN" toon, only this one doesn't feature potholes — & no small biznesses either! Of course, exaggeration plays a prominent role here, but it does make the point RE how things have been trending in many local trade areas. Local trade? What's that??? HA!

3) FREEZE ~ No exaggeration here, not if your backyard is experiencing the latest Polar Vortex. I grabbed this one from my WINTER toon category. Though there are a number of frigid weather toons posted up there, this one hasn't seen the light of newsprint since 2011. Time for an encore, eh? HA!

:))) barry


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