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Bowl Games
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Best Road
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Good morning …

Three timely cartoons for you today: 1) BOWL GAMES ~ Talk about "timely," this toon fits in very nicely between all the Holidays bowl games & next week's Super Bowl. I’ve gotta wonder how many football fans out there merit the diagnosis the patient featured here is receiving. I suspect the number is pretty substantial. HA!

2) BERSERK ~ The sentiment expressed in this cartoon gives voice to what some in attendance at basketball games must be thinking as the crowds around them are bursting into continuous, unbridled displays of local team pride — that is, when they themselves calm down long enough to consider it!

I’ve done 4 versions of this one, including a couple for post-season play. Links above.

3) BEST ROAD ~ On one of my drives up the Alcan Highway to Alaska in the 1990s, I asked the locals at every pitstop along the way what the silliest question was that they were asked by travelers. Virtually all of them agreed it was: "How long will it take me to get to Fairbanks?" This cartoon on winter road conditions hopes to offer a small town version of similar sillyiness!

BTW: Gotta say, it sure feels good to be back sending you toons again. Indeed — I’m rested, recouped, recharged, & rearing to have fun with yet another year’s worth of small town foibles. Thanx a bunch for your support!

:))) barry


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